Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 started today and we understand that you are eager to know about the contestants of the show. It is a great thing that the team managed to keep the names of the contestants secret. The great thing about the show is that it gave the common man a chance to participate in a reality show that too Bigg Boss Kannada. We covered a detailed article on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 registrations and many people applied as well. So as the selections are over and the show has started let’s have a look at the contestants of BBK5. So here is the list of all the contestants of the show

 Jai Srinivasan

Jai Srinivasan is the first contestant of the show. He is one of the renowned numerologists in South India. He is the founder of Real Jem Jannass Shoppee. Jai Srinivasan completed his MA in Sociology from Annamalai University. He is a mini-celebrity in South India as he interacts with his fans on social media. Jai Srinivasan also does live programs on renowned channels and social media channels. He has a huge fan base as well and pretty confident to win the show.

BBK5 Contestants


Megha is the first female contestant of the show. She is pursuing final year B.A at the time of auditions. We have very little details about her at the moment and we will update in a day or two. At present all we know is that she is from a small village from Kodagu. According to the promo, she seems bold and confident and will give tough competition to others as well. She is the first commoner in the show and more are yet to come.

Megha Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 contestant

Dayal Padmanabhan

Dayal Padmanabhan is the third contestant of the show. He is a filmmaker in Kannada industry and he is multi-talented as well. Dayal Padmanabhan is a writer, Director & producer and played a key role in Kollywood. He started his career in Kannada industry back in 2000 and he directed a film named Sathya Harishchandra starring Sharan is releasing next week.

BBK5 Contestants list

Sihi Kahi Chandru

Sihi Kahi Chandru is a renowned Kannada film & tv actor. He started his career in Doordarshan with a SitCom. His cooking TV show Bombat Bhojana on Kannada TV channel Suvarna is a big success. His cooking style and the concept of cooking is intended at making cooking an easy task and encourages men to try their hand at the more female dominated domestic chore of cooking. He also told that he worked as Radi Jockey as well.

Shruti Prakash

Shruti Prakash is the second female contestant of the show. She was born in Karnataka and acted in a few Hindi serials as well. Shruti sees this chance to connect with the Kannada audience and grow closer to them. She is an MBA graduate and a singer as well.

Anupama Gowda

Anupama Gowda is the third female contestant of the show and the sixth contestant of the show. We will update more details about her asap.

RJ Riaz Pasha

RJ Riaz Pasha is the seventh contestant of the show and he is one of the famous RJ. He is also a multilingual anchor as well. We will be updating this info with more information.

RJ Riaz Pasha bbk5 contestant

Niveditha Gowda

Niveditha Gowda is an 18-year old girl from Mysuru. She is a commoner, who has earned some popularity through dubsmash. We can term her as a mini-celeb due to her popularity. Niveditha has many loyal followers on multiple social networking sites as well. It seems that her fans are going to miss her dubs for 100 days.

Niveditha Gowda BBK5

Sameer Acharya

Sameer Acharya is the ninth contestant of the show and third commoner. We will be updating the details asap.

Sameer Acharya BBK5 Contestants

Kartheek Jayaram

Kartheek Jayaram is the tenth contestant of the show and he is a famous actor in Kannada. He started his career back in 2009 and still continuing his career. Kartheek is a lead actor in a movie name Just Love. He is one of the celebrity to enter the house.

Kartheek Jayaram contestant bigg boss kannada season 5

Ashita Chandrappa

Ashita Chandrappa is the eleventh contestant of the bbk5. She is a famous tv serial actor with a huge fan base. We will be updating more details about her.

BBK5 Contestants


Diwakar is a common man, who is a salesman by profession. He is from Narasipura and was brought up in Madikeri. He has traveled across the state selling over 50 products. He is one of the 6 commoners in the show. We will be updating more about him in upcoming days.

Diwakar BBK5

Tejaswini Prakash

Tejaswini Prakash is a well-known face and a household name among Kannada audience. She has acted in many supporting roles with stars like Shivaraj Kumar, Darshan, and Ganesh. She is one of the strongest female contestants of the show.

Tejaswini Prakash bigg boss kannada

Chandan Shetty

Chandan Shetty is a singer, lyricist and music composer hailing from Hassan district. He was an associate of Arjun Janya. He is turning hero with Vichitra Prema Kathe. He is famous for his songs like Chocolate Girl, 3 peg etc.

chandan shetty bigg boss kannada

 Suma Rajkumar

Suma Rajkumar is a commoner in the show and 15th contestant of BBK5. She is a housewife and hails from Mysuru.

Suma Rajkumar bigg boss kannada


Jagan aka Jagannath has acted in Kannada serials and hosted shows that include Dancing Star last season. He has a loyal fan base as well. More details will be updated soon.

jagan bigg boss kannada

Krishni Thapanda

Krishni Thapanda is a model and actress, who made her debut with Kannada film Akira. She is also working on Alpavirama. We will be updating her bio as well.

Krishni Thapanda bigg boss kannada

These are the contestants of the Bigg Boss Kannada latest season. We will be updating the bio & wiki’s of their profiles very soon. Don’t forget to share the article and spread the word. Do leave a comment who is your favorite contestant.


  • we have good respect on sudeep sir, we loved him a lot as hero . now whatever big boss reason 5 is worst , day by day i am loosing to interest to see the show. i loved to watch only Saturday show n kichha kitchen . i hate big boss. this time some common people are their in that show . good, common people are playing good and especially Diwakar , jayshreenivasan , rizay , guruji and chandan shetty . my dear big boss team tell me one thing y people inside they are behaving like we are celebrities ,. a/c to their are not celebrities . the celebrities are who given time , respect to common people like sudeep , darshan, vishnu sir, ambarish . inside the house just they done 1 r 2 serials they are feeling they are celebrities ridiculous. jaggan is doing too much , after all he done 2 serials he has so much attitude . this will not take u in good way and the way ur behaving with that drama queen ashitha . this is not all accepted . seriously we are getting very upset to see the show . inside the house who are feeling that we are celebrities learn from ur super serinors like sudeep sir, he knows how to treat common people, once he traveled in auto , he respects auto person that is called celebratiy .ashitha if u come out seriously u have good gift from our side simply ur shouting at jayashreeinivas , he beat u r he harresed u , no right y ur poking ur nose in between jk and jayashreenivas , u cheap idiot lady , play game and get lost from this house. ur the culprit over their. :” my sencriery request to big boss put strict rules no kissing and hugging , this is family show, if ur telecasting this ur big boss name r fame everything will go .

  • Hi Sudeep Sir & Whole BB5 team

    Me ad my family are enjoying BB5 every day, main thing is when it comes to kissing and hugging in house small kids and parents feel uncomfortable seeing female in very less dress, kindly resolve this we are not doing Hindi or English big boss, mainly all are good.
    But anupama is acting as if she is international celebrity as if she has done 2 flop serials , kindly acknowledge this and make a rules not to kiss or hug mainly dressing scense.

  • This season was focused completely about only one person Chandan Shetty thus curbing the chance of other deserving candidates to win which is very sad! JK is a highly positive person with a very dignified personality!! Your approach towards life is commandable JK!! Finale seems to be biased with already results leaked on wiki. So not watching finale!

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